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India meets Anthopologie: Karisa & Arvind’s Wedding

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Last summer I became a florist. Actually, that’s not at all true. I helped my friend Karisa with do-it-yourself flowers for her India-meets-Anthropologie style wedding. I, by no means, became a florist. Actually the whole experience made me appreciate professionals even more. After super early mornings, remaking wilting bouquets on the hottest day of the year, and cleaning flower stems for hours on end, I definitely saw more value in what pro florists do. Successful DIY flowers take a lot more than access to a flower market and a little creativity. Knowing what works, what doesn’t, and how to manage flowers of all shapes and sizes isn’t something you learn overnight.

Having said that, I was so glad that Karisa allowed me to be part of her wedding day in this way. What a joy to come alongside so many others from our church family to help celebrate the beginning of Karisa & Arvind’s marriage. It was an amazing experience to see so many people offer help with parts of the celebration they were good at: baking cakes, building all manner of things from light posts to coffee tables, and negotiating catering contracts. I was glad to see the body come together in that way.

Arvind is a pastor in India. He and Karisa now live there together as they serve in an Indian church. Their wedding was a celebration of their faith, style, cultures, and passions. Karisa planned lots of details to incorporate their personalities. Everything from a chartreuse green couch, Scrabble, and living room-style seating, exuded what they love.

The flowers for the day were an eclectic mix of dahlias, China berries, mums, cocks combs, artichokes, cabbage, crespedia (a.k.a. billy balls), marigolds, teddy bead sunflowers, fever few, tulips, and spray roses.

Karisa’s bouquet was my favorite part of the flowers. She wanted whites and greens with lots of texture. We used big garden roses, scabiosa, lisianthus, China berries, cabbage, artichokes, dahlias and China mums. Each bouquet was wrapped in ribbons Karisa had been collecting for the big day.

The groom and groomsmen wore diy ribbon boutonnieres made by one of Karisa’s bridesmaids.

The reception was a fun celebration with lots of coffee tables, low arrangements, and a photo booth.

Thanks to Ellie Grover for the fabulous photographs.

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  1. Paula Estes says:

    I love the variety and mingling of these colorful floral arrangements. There is so much personality shining through in these photos. Makes me think, “What a lovely couple” without having met them! Beautiful, fun event. Great job on flowers Allison.

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